Feb 3

Cache-A Concludes Successful Support Training Course

In an effort to improve our product support worldwide, we have been training selected distributors in the finer points of troubleshooting and maintaining our products.  Just last week we hosted our Japanese distributor (ASK) and their associates, along with our rep company, Asia Media Products, in a full-day training event.

Delving deep into our Linux environment, attendees were taken through a host of Cache-A software tools and techniques for some of the issues encountered in Cache-A systems.  File system checks, disk and RAID integrity topped the list of issues we addressed.  Detecting physical tape damage, repairing table-of-contents issues and catalog rebuilds were also on the list.  We have a whole range of software procedures and specialized scripts that can address these kinds of issues, and all of our attendees were keen to pick up these skills.

Our support group deals with a variety of challenging issues every day here in Colorado, and we are always here to provide that service.  However, in international situations our support hours may not be convenient and there may be language barriers.  Providing this kind of training makes our in-country customer experience that much better.

In addition to the training, we enjoyed taking our visitors over to see our local bison herd and out to a noted Colorado restaurant for dinner.

Cache-A Colorado is situated at a scenic gateway to views of the front range along Interstate 70 and next to Genesee Park.  In 1914, Denver acquired bison and elk from the herds at Yellowstone Park, and took on a role in helping maintain these two species, then nearing extinction, at Genesee Park.

This training course was an example of how Cache-A is committed to continual improvement in our product support capabilities.